Insurance Health

Insurance Health

How Important is Health Insurance?

Health Insurance is a form of financial protection for people to minimize their risk associated with incurring medical and health care expenses.  For a fee, or premium, individuals can secure this insurance from one of the many Health Insurance Companies currently operating in the United States.  These insurance premium amounts are based on the risk of medical expenses of the individuals covered.  This risk can be calculated on many factors including but not limited to, weight, age, family medical history, lifestyle, and some pre-existing conditions.  Once health insurance is secured, the insurance company will pay a percentage of the medical expenses, called co-insurance, incurred by the insured persons during the term of the insurance health policy.  Typically, the insured will pay their portion of the healthcare expenses, or co-payment, at the time the services are provided.  Sometimes, the insurance health plan will require the insured to pay a deductible, a set amount of healthcare expenses paid exclusively by the insured persons before the insurance company will start paying a portion of the bills, usually this deductible is paid one time during a 12 month period.  The medical professional will bill the insurance company directly for the medical bills balance.  This system works by the insurance health companies collecting premiums from masses of people during times of good health as well in times of unexpected or high healthcare costs.  A small profit is made by the insurance company and more importantly, the insured persons are protected from financial strain caused by healthcare bills.  A recent study cited 62% of all bankruptcies filed in 2007 where related to medical expenses.  Health Insurance provides a necessary service to protect Americans from financial ruin.You can find further information on vergelijkdirect

How does Insurance Health .Net help Americans with Health Insurance Needs?

We at InsuranceHealth.Net feel we have an obligation to provide resources needed for the American public to educate themselves on the health insurance market.  The ability to find the information necessary to evaluate, choose, and purchase the correct insurance health plans and benefits with a service like Insurance Health Net is saving American consumers money every single day.
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Insurance Health Net is here to help in the journey towards purchasing Affordable Health Insurance Plans that fit the needs of the uninsured as well as underinsured people.

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